What we do

For over 20 years, we have been building and caring for the network of Polish community foundations and involving ourselves in activities aimed at the common good.

  • We Inspire

  • We Support

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Grant, scholarships, Training

We inspire and support

We are committed to strengthening local philanthropy and building communities where all residents can actively participate in initiatives that improve their quality of life and the environment they live in. That is why we conduct information activities on reviving civic engagement, and we promote and support the initiatives of community foundations and their partners. They are examples of good practices that different organisations can replicate elsewhere.

We educate and advise

We strengthen community foundations and their potential, support their activities and improve the work of leaders and the teams they manage. We conduct comprehensive and practical workshops that help gain managerial skills and show how the participants, using innovative tools based on design thinking, collective impact methodology and unconventional solutions, can independently plan and implement strategic and tactical activities consistent with the mission, goals, and philosophy of the organization.

The most popular training sessions are:

The Aware and Competent Social Leader:

- how to be an effective leader - individual and team effectiveness and building good relationships.

Zarządzanie organizacją:

- Creating a marketing strategy for the organization as well as building and strengthening its image,

- Effective communication and building relationships with the environment,

- Creative problem solving of social issues

We create change

We create space and look for development opportunities for pro-social and business activities based on shared goals and values. Acting on the basis of the collective impact principle, together with our partners, we build an effective system of support for new and effective ways of solving social issues.

Let’s start with the basics

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Encouraging children and adolescents to an active lifestyle, achieve goals and make their dreams come true. We organized a nationwide competition in which we presented 500 F4 gift cards for all the winners from the voivodeships.

Thank you to the heroes. We help their children

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In 2020, we implemented a nationwide competition aimed at promoting an active lifestyle for children and adolescents, supporting 1,000 medical workers’ children involved in the fight against the SARS-CoV2 virus and COVID-19 disease. 20 local organizations, including 15 community foundations belonging to the federation, coordinated the campaign in individual voivodeships and selected 1000 students from all over Poland who received gift cards for 4F clothing stores worth PLN 500 each. The awards were funded by the 4F Pomaga Foundation.

We offer many different ways of cooperation both for community foundations, business partners and the academic community.

FFL in Poland

The Federation of Community Foundations in Poland is an association that brings together Community Foundations.


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Help us – together, we will create a strong and valuable organization.